How to create an “About” Page

Many people find it hard to write about themselves – it’s rare that we need to do so and it’s hard to capture that balance between sounding vain and giving our audience the information they need. Let’s face it – it’s awkward. Businesses often face the same struggle in trying to strike a balance when writing their About Us page. However, analytics show that it’s also one of the most important and frequented pages on any website.
Crafting the perfect About Page is often easier said than done, as you want to sell your brand yet keep it customer-centric without a self-focused approach. Below are a few tips to create the perfect About Page for your business.

Start out by talking about your audience
While it’s seemingly natural to begin your own About Page by speaking about yourself, opt to speak about your audience. For example, dictate your opening sentence by identifying your audience’s needs, challenges, and objectives – the very reason they’re visiting your site. This is a great way to show you have their needs in mind before diving directly into what you do. Stating the facts is also a great way to find a happy balance between talking about yourself AND your audience… from your client retention rate to awards you’ve collected.

Let Your Customers Do The Talking
Another great option is to include some testimonials on your page. When scoping out a new restaurant or dentist, it’s likely you check out some online reviews. Include a few recent customer reviews on your page to offer information about your brand in a positive light. Be sure to add customer details to add credibility and build trust in your brand.
Make use of media

Keep readers’ attention on your page by breaking it up with different forms of media such as photos, videos, timelines, and even infographics. While headshots are great to help readers visualize your company, photos of your team in action around the office or at an event helps to add character to your business.

Tell your story

Focus on the aspects that make your brand human, whether you’ve had a modest start or have been around for 100 years. Start at the beginning and include pictures along the way. Celebrate your brand!

Include Contact Information

To ensure you’re reputability, it’s important to include all relevant contact information such as phone number, email address, building address, and even a contact form. Confirm that all contact information is up-to-date as well. If you’re on social media, it’s important to include all of your social media handles, ideally in the form of social media buttons.