Conversion tracking

One of the main benefits of pay per click marketing is conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows you to track how many conversions, how many clicks, how many times people have you your ads. With this information you can monitor and optimize your ads to make them better you can decide if the advertising is working or not and you can do it quickly.

Now with some services you not able to track conversions for example if you are a plumber you are not going to be able to track conversions like a person who is selling bird cages online. If you are selling something online from an e-commerce store you can track how many sales you made on any given day. The tracking from that plumber will have to come from you tracking how many sales you personally received. With this being said you are still able to track conversions but your main thing to track his impressions, clicks, click through rate, clicks to lead ratio, bounce rate and calls.

Some companies do not want a call tracking number on their ads this is a must if you are doing any online advertising. You must know how many calls are coming in even though it’s not your phone number that they’re going to. It doesn’t matter if your phone numbers not displayed all that matters is that you tracking your results. At the end of the day you need to know that if you are spending $1000 a month for pay per click marketing that you receiving a high return on investment.
A good PPC management firm is going to pay attention to detail and they are going to ensure that they are tracking results and also making adjustments when necessary.