Landing pages

A landing page is the place that the person who typed in your keyword and click on your ad will land. So someone goes to Google and types in painters in Chula Vista and they see your ad and then if they click on your ad they will land on your landing page. It is the place on your website where people land after they click on your ad. When people are going to your website you want to make sure you send them to the correct page. If someone is looking for a plumber in Rialto you want to send them to the page on your website that discusses plumbing. If you also offer heating and air services do not want to send them to this page. If you do send them to this page you are going to have a lower quality score and people will be frustrated because they were looking for a plumber. They are not going to buy from you because you sent them to the wrong page.

It is important to make sure your landing page is a page that converts prospects to buyers. People spend a lot of time and energy in developing a landing page. You definitely want to have a call to action, you want to have information that relates to your ad on your landing page, you want to possibly have testimonials or reviews. You want them to get all of the information about your plumbing services right on this page. If you don’t have a highly conversion landing page you can miss out on a lot of money.

On your landing page you do not want to give your prospects a reason to click away from your page. You came up with keywords, and you create a compelling adds so you don’t want to drop the ball on your landing page. Some people put ads from their competitors on their site, and this doesn’t make sense.
Your landing page is very important and you want to make sure you do the best we can at a loan it to convert.