SEO Process

There’s a process to everything in search engine optimization definitely has a process. Search engine optimization has a process because there certain things that should happen in order for website to rank higher in the search engines. Every search engine has their own way of ranking websites but generally speaking they all look for the same things. They all want to show relevant websites higher up on their search engines.

We’re going to discuss some of the things that need to take place in order for website rank high in search engines. It can be broken down into ways;

1) On page SEO
on page SCO is doing things that allow your website to be recognized by the search engines. If your website sells compost bins it’s going to be important for you to identify what your website is all about. It’s going to be important for you to give a title for every webpage is going to be important to describe what your webpage is about in the description of the webpage. For every paragraph that you have on your website you need to have a title for that webpage. Some people believe that this is not important anymore but it is important to do the basics because if a website is to be ranked high for being in an automotive repair shop and it doesn’t tell anyone that it’s a repair shop why should that website rank high. Now some people only want to please Google when they create their website and your website will rank high if you seek to please Google. But I like to go a step further I like to aim to please the people were looking for the information on my website. Because if I attract people who are looking for my website and I do the best I can to make good positive content for them Google will see that and they will reward me for that. If a person is looking for a massage therapist I’m a massage therapist I want my website to really talk about the benefits of massage therapy. I will my website to talk about things that sidestep us do and how my client will appreciate my service.

2) Off page SEO
off page SEO is the most important factor in ranking high in the search engines. Off page SCO is doing the things necessary for the search engines to make a decision as to why they should rank your website high. Some of those things are having back links to your website. A back link to your website is when someone has a website and they put a back link on that website pointing to your website. For example if you are a clothing store in your describing the genes on your website and then you say for more information about the manufacturer of these genes go to You just gave this person a back link to his website the more back links this manufacturer has the higher up he will possibly be seen on the search engines when someone’s look is looking for a gene manufacturer. For example let’s say this manufacturer has hundred back links to his website from other retail stores saying that this manufacturer is really good manufacturer. This is going to give him high position because the search engines can see the back links that are going to his website. Now if you compare his website back links to his competitor who has no back links to his website who do you think Google was going to bring up higher on the search engines? He’s going to pick the person who has more back links because this person is clearly more of an authority than the guy doesn’t have any back links the guy who doesn’t have any back links he may show up is not to show up higher in this person who does have back links so that’s one of the major reasons why websites rank high on the search engines that’s the process is just a piece of the puzzle will discuss some of the other things that it takes to rank higher in search engines.