White Hat SEO

White hat SEO means that you are doing SEO that is ethical.SEO stands for search engine optimization search engine optimization is the process of raking your website high in the search engines. So when it comes to raking your own website in the search engines there has been people who have used tactics that were not ethical to get their websites right higher. They try to game the system or they try to use ways that were not ethical. Now when it comes to ranking your own website in the search engines in a way you’re already gaming the system you playing the rules of the game you’re trying to do things to get your website ranked higher you’re getting back links to your website from other websites all across the Internet you’re trying to prove that you are popular website in this niche or industry. So in a way you are trying to do that with your own website as opposed to letting other people do that or letting other people send back aches to your website.

Since there is a white hat SEO there has to be an opposite of that and the opposite of white hat SEO is black hat Seo. This is when you are breaking the rules and there really is no rules because no one is governing the search engines each search engine has their own rules. But when I me breaking the rules I me you’re going above and beyond your writing your own reviews or your creating back links to websites that you already own. The search engines frown upon this as they’re looking for relevant sites to show up when someone is looking for a particular website. They don’t want to show website that just figured out how to game the system on the search engine when someone searching for the best possible website. They really want to show the best website because if they show the best website that per person will continue to use that search engine.

So search engines have went out their way to penalize those websites that are doing black hat SCO. There’s a fine line between white hat and black hat SCO because in my opinion all SCO is the same the way that the search engines are working now if a person is doing black hat SCO he’s not going to get his website ranked high in the search engines anyway.

Search engine optimization is the process of ranking your own website so whatever people are in charge of that whenever people have to go out in rate their websites that means that they’re always going to try to do whatever they can to be better. There’s really nothing wrong with that as long as you doing it the right way as long as you’re not pretended to be someone that you’re not always in our writing fake reviews as long as you’re not pretending to be someone in a forum just to get links so your website will rank higher.
So White hat is the way to go if you want to do search engine optimization for your website white hat is the only way.