Social Media

Searchlight marketing have been in social media marketing for over seven years we bring to the table hands-on experience and the ability to represent your company the way you wanted to be represented. Social media is important for your business to stay relevant and to continue to grow online. It’s an expectation for businesses to interact socially with their customers and their clients and it’s very hard to understand and to grasp and it takes time to do. It’s better to have someone else manage and monitor your social presence as opposed to you doing it on your own.

We will create your Facebook page, LinkedIn you to twitter pages we will write posts for you we will interact with your customers. We will represent you in the right way. The most important thing is when I do it without you are going to be doing it with us but you’re not going to have to do the work we’re going to do everything for you. We take the pressure away and we make it very simple for you to have a strong online presence that brings thousands of likes that brings interaction with your customers on a daily basis.Allow us to manage your social media campaign.